Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Giller Smackdown! Doyle vs. CBC

I'm a sometime fan of the Globe and Mail's TV writer, John Doyle. His columns featuring "the brother" can be ridiculously, howlingly funny. At other times, Doyle can be peevish or incomprehensible - or both - depending on the program(s) he's reviewing. And then there's his hot and cold war with the CBC. Today's column is a doozy, taking on the Giller Prize (CBC 9:00pm) and the claptrap that comes with it - it's on television! the Hogtown natterati will be out in force! don't anyone dare make fun of an Important Event in Canadian Publishing!

I've blogged already that last year's televised Giller, lead by Jian Ghomeshi, was a lame-o snoozefest, and that I don't think the Giller or any other literary prize should be awarded for a single book, but rather a body of work. Of course, good for the writers because every one of them can use the dough, but enough with the pomposity and pretention. Why not use the money being spent tonight on developing new drama or a CBC-sponsored playwriting contest? Something. Anything. It won't happen, naturally. So long may Doyle continue to take the piss. Here's a link to his column, unless the Globe's firewall gets you first.


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